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Demolition Services

Berties offers a wide range of demolition services that will help you tear down, remove unwanted buildings and materials in order to get the space prepared for development.

Demolitions we have done

We have worked with all sizes of projects from warehouse spaces, apartment complexes or strip malls. We can handle any project that comes our way, so you don’t need to worry about getting started on time for your next construction endeavor!


Berties is the definitive expert in demolition and dismantling. Years of experience allow us to plan for complete, efficient demolitions that require a minimum amount of time on-site while still maintaining safety standards. Our team works hard to ensure we quickly tear down unwanted structures and materials, so you can begin building or remodeling as soon as possible.

Whether you need a demo for your home or business, Berties is the best in San Antonio. With years of experience and expertise available to offer top-notch service at affordable rates, we know that there’s nothing else out there like us. But don’t take our word for it—call today!

Demolition Options

Unlike other demolition services providers–who typically only tear things down–Berties offers many options from deconstruction and full-demolition projects to just removing junk around your property without having them hauled away by someone else.

Check out some of our past demolitions and the equipment we use:

No matter what your needs are or how big of a project you have in mind, our team will always be there to offer assistance and guidance.